About Us

A bit about who we are


Company Overview

Founded in 2013, Small N Great is a subsidiary of Planet Kidizen, Inc., a Benefit Corporation created to fill the enormous gap between parental need and the available platforms that support the development of well-rounded, communicative, knowledgeable, service-oriented children.  Parents in the U.S. and around the world are in dire need of support in giving their children viable avenues to participate in beneficial work that not only enriches the child, but gives them valuable training in societally-beneficial, outwardly-focused activity like community service, environmental protection, and relationship-building.

What We Do

We create the most exciting, fulfilling and important child educational programming available.  Via the Small N Great platform, members actively learn to serve others in need, do their part to build up their local community, learn to appreciate people of different cultures than their own, learn how to cooperatively share their own culture with others, make protecting the planet and creating environmental sustainability a part of their daily lives, and make strides to get better and better at their chosen fields of study, sports and hobbies. 

Registration is simple and can be found online at www.smallngreat.com.  Upon registration, you will have immediate access to Interactive Video, Test Your Inner Strength questionnaires, member blogs, culture and community activity planners, and a robust 5-point World Citizenship Program.  Children can start earning Global Achievement Emblems today. 

You’ll also receive a discounted Small N Great Adventurepack as part of your monthly membership package. Members can use it to store your field notes, pads, pencils while you’re out in the field earning PK points by serving others, building your community, learning about other cultures and sharing your own, protecting the environment, and making strides to improve in your favorite sports and hobbies.  There’s also room to proudly display your earned Global Achievement Emblems. 

Small N Great was begun with a strong commitment to people and the planet.  Our goal here at Small N Great is to give youth an amazing way to connect to their families, learn new and important things about themselves and others, grow and thrive, getting better and better at the things they love, and do their part to protect our precious planet Earth. Our mission is to give children across the world the various tools, support, motivation and rewards necessary to become responsible, knowledgeable and caring world citizens.