Well-rounded Education

Well-rounded education based on active, real-world learning experiences

We offer a well-rounded education based on active, participatory learning and experiences, as opposed to passive learning.  We offer a platform from which kids learn to build a foundation of love, care and service to others.  We help them build an attitude of selflessness and excellence.  We offer an education with a real-world impact.  Hands-on, experiential-based learning alongside professionals in the field.  All this is enhanced and supported by robust on-line curricula and self-paced technologically-advanced modes of learning and self-expression.  We offer tangible encouragement – encouragement that kids can touch and feel a sense of accomplishment with, via a system of consistent rewards.  We offer the discovery of new things, supporting the kind of life values that will make kids stand out from the crowd.

We offer children active involvement in the solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.  Through exploration and active study on trips abroad, young people can have meaningful experiences that are infused with a deep appreciation and respect for nature and an understanding of how to live more environmentally responsibly when they return home.  The children of today are tomorrow’s world leaders.  We help today’s children to know what it is to do their part to protect theirs and others’ environment.   Our goal is to affect an increased level of peace, unity and mutual understanding on a global level via cross-cultural exchanges and the propagation of an attitude of habitual international service in all children worldwide.