Supporting All Family and Community Constituents

Supporting all constituents: children, parents, extended families, diverse communities, the environment and an array of educational networks

To parents, we offer the comforting knowledge that their children are becoming more self-motivated and self-assured. We offer kids an opportunity to do the real work of improving the world, rather than just being pushed through a brick and mortar education system with precious little one-on-one time spent with educators. We also provide a challenging and energizing platform of parental engagement and unique partnership opportunities that assist parents in their connections with their kids as they explore new horizons and participate in unique activities together.

To families, we offer a deeper integration into the local community, where families can meet and get to know new families and forge new connections both locally and abroad.  Consistent family participation in the array of beneficial activities on this site can go a long way in strengthening the home life of participating families.  Families share the world together as they pursue world-changing endeavors in common.  Our goal is to give families opportunities to act on and deepen their sense of purpose together.

To local communities, we offer, over time, an increase in the education level of residents, a lower crime rate, and a more robust service environment. Those in need in the community will be better served. Their residents will be higher achievers. It will be the kids that put their towns on the map.

To the education community, we offer alternatives to the brick and mortar avenue of learning. We offer higher-achieving students who are more adept at working in teams, more fluent in current events, more linguistically intelligent, more sensitive to the needs of others, and harder working. Better test scores in math and science due to the extracurricular lab work and hands-on experience working on environmental stewardship and sustainability pursuits, as well as higher linguistic ability due to the higher level of written communication required to earn badges.

To those in need of financial support, our sister non-profit organization, KHUBA International (, provides scholarships which afford opportunities to travel the world and gain valuable hands-on learning experiences which will help children navigate successfully through a highly-competitive educational environment back home. We offer the kinds of experiences that can helpallfamilies position their children in favorable ways to gain entry into the best colleges and universities in the world. Most importantly, we are committed to helping generate and maintain a high level of enthusiasm and zeal for lifelong learning that can enable all children escape the lure of drugs, crime and gangs, rising above the life’s hurdles to become solid, well-rounded citizens of the world with a lot to offer and a lot to celebrate.